The main page of the dashboard provides a summary of the vaults available on all of the supported chains. It is also possible to view this information for each chain separately. To do this, just click on the logo - the icon of the corresponding chain. To see which money market is connected to each vault, you can find this under the “Protocols” column.

Determine which type of collateral you want to use (e.g., wETH, wBTC, or other types of assets), and then which type of debt token (e.g., USDC or DAI), then which network you want to use (or just select the “Best” market). This will then take you to the “Borrow” Page.

  1. Determine Collateral asset

  2. Decide your Debt asset

  3. Choose which network, and vault to use


Alternatively, if you wish to just act as a lender, select the "Lending" tab under markets to view the vaults available to help you generate yield.

You will see a list of assets (e.g. $wETH or $USDC); select which one you would like to deposit into.

Select which vault you would like to deposit into. Once you have done that, continue to the Lend page

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